Saturday, Dec 26 2009 

My good friend Sam sent me the link to this short challenge. I immediately knew which 3 I would sorely miss if they suddenly poofed out.

Firstly, If my copy of Dazzle’s (Last Call) Desiree were to disappear, I would just go bonkers! This dress was the first ever dress I purchased from Ginny. (RIP)

Secondly, this ETD hair style named Marisela II. It’s always been a ‘go to’ for me. Mahogany is my color 🙂

Last but certainly never least is Adam n Eve’s Pandora Fall Diva Collection in Primrose T4. For me it’s the perfect summers look. Tanned in all places without white patches LOL.

Well, there you have my picks this challenge.

Have fun and til next time,



Juicy Goodness Tuesday, May 12 2009 

Within the last couple of days 2 of my favorite designers has released some of the yummiest shoes and dresses on the grid!

First Damen (of Adam n Eve) dropped some test colors of his newest heels called Samara. After my friend and partner in crime, Samara Barzane! W00T!!! I could hardly wait until they were released. Samara (the shoes, lol) come in the tastiest and most yummy colors. They are: Black, Blue Grey, Champagne, Cherry, Jade, Oranje, Pink, Plum, Roast Bean, Rose, Tango. You just have to get yourselves down and try the demos! You won’t be able to walk away without a pair or the MulitBuy which is half off right now!

The next yummy that is now available is DeLa’s 2 new dresses! Matinee and Soiree. Both have their own appeal. Matinee is a sweet, sexy frock that is just perfect for shopping or having lunch with friends. Soiree has a more tailored look, but not any less sexy than her Matinee.

With the Matinee, I’ve choosen to wear the Adam n Eve Samara’s in Jade. Now I don’t know if Damen was reading Kura’s mind…but they match together puuuurfectly!

With Soiree, I decided to go with a contrasting color for the shoes. Cherry, of course! Also shown is DeLa’s new clutch purse designed especially for these 2 releases, but would go with anything! In Kura’s way; she’s done both of these dresses in so many yummy colors, you have to buy them in the fat packs. Like potato chips You can’t have just one! LOL

I’ve rambled on enough, til next time
~~~***~~~ Jaydie ~~~***~~~

Style Card

Shoes: Adam n Eve

Springtime Mashup Sunday, Apr 12 2009 


I was out shopping (as usual) at Style Starts Here. Mooning over the new linen pants that Simone had just released. They come in a lot of spring colors as well as your standards.

The first look I’ve put together is due in part to Sasy’s blog post. I lubs her but she is truly evil 🙂 After skipping over to ElDee grabbing her HMMMMM outfit in blue. I started pulling the outfit apart. The grey pants are fabulously well done.

Going back to SSH to find a pair of earrings to match back to my newest accquisition, I ran across this wonderful vibrant geometric top in yellows and golds. Plucking it off the shelf; pairing it with the grey pant. Now, which shoes…Viola! Adam n Eve’s Volar sculptie heels in Flame work just fabulous! Now for jewelry…I remember that Trixie Bumbo of Primagine had designed a bright and fun necklace called Sandy. The set comes with necklace, 2 different earrings and bracelet. I already had the purrrrfect hair on. It’s by Truth Hawks called Elizabeth 2. I grabbed the reds pack. 🙂

The first picture is the same look just with a pair of the linen pants in olive. My friend Jaz helped with matching back the bits of olive in the shirt. Thanks Jaz!

As always I have on my Angel skin from sachi Vixen. Eyelashes are from PanJen

Take care everyone and have a great Easter!

As always,
~~**~~ Jaydie ~~**~~

Rocker Chic Monday, Apr 6 2009 

Today I’m going to be showing you my version of Rocker Chic. I built this look around Dela’s Bette sculpted jacket. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to build a ‘look’. Now anyone that knows me; knows that I’m am inept at mixing and matching, so I dragooned Samara Barzane in to help. She did so beautifully. THANK YOU SAM!!!

This jacket is so rich and buttery, I nearly swooned 🙂 I mixed in Adam n Eve’s Glamour gown, pairing just the top. The jeans is what gave me the most trouble and where Samara gave me the most wonderful advice. After a few trials and errors – lol. However we kept going, finally hitting on Zaara’s jeweled jeans in charcoal. The gold in the belt was just the touch that was needed to tie the look together. Now no self proclaimed rocker would never wear anything but boots, but which ones??? I slipped ETD’s Sasha boots and VIOLA! the look is just purrrrfect 🙂

I needed to add some glam to give this look a bit of chic, so I raced off to Lucas Lameth’s the first thing I found I knew I had to have it. IT was his Gloria set. The tigerseye necklace with the black metal was sooo yummy and tied everything up so well. The only thing I don’t have a slurl for is the hair 😦 DMAT Allen no longer has a store in world. This was a freebie from months back. But the sassiness of the short hair fit the look to a T.
Of course my skin is Angel from Adam n Eve. My eyes in Moldavite are from EarthStones Last be certainly not least is my eyelaashes from PanJen

Poses by LAP

Take care and as always,
~~*~~ Jaydie ~~*~~

Fashion Relay Challenge #26 – twofer Monday, Mar 30 2009 

Flower Power meets Working Girl

Due to the intervention of rl computer problems, it looked for awhile like Jaydie might not be able to participate in the challenge, so Chi volunteered to fill in. Since we were both thinking about it, we just decided to do a double post and do some comparative mashups. Lucky next person, you get twice as many items to pick from. Or to agonize over, perhaps…


As you can see we took completely different directions from Guenevere DeCuir’s FRC post on Crimson Flow. Jaydie picked up the Callico Peasant Top from Sn@tch (available in fat pack only) despite the fact that she found it WAAAAAY outside her comfort zone, and used it as the basis for a very soft, feminine, yet gorgeous outfit for a day of fashionista socialite partying. It strikes Chi as having a somewhat latina feel, due to the gathered top, the loose flowing pants from Cubic Effect and the open shoes by Adam n Eve, but that might be because she’s been spending time watching soaps on Telemundo and Univision trying to pick up the language. ETD’s new Torwen style, which has been taking sl by storm the last few days, completes the soft flowing look.

Chi honed in on the perky half tie from [Kyoot]. She was in a monochrome mood, and needed one little bit of punch, so the pink windowpane pattern (named ’70s Sorority, which left Chi feeling like she was suffering from sugar shock) really provides a visual focus while not quite going over the edge of too much. The rest of the outfit was going to be straight out of inventory but Sasy mentioned she and Whimsy had been in a podcast, searching for which got Chi exposed to Whimsy’s blog for the first time ever. So it’s either Sasy’s or Phaylen Fairchild’s or Whimsy’s fault that Chi ended up at Gisaci shopping for a new shirt. Completing the ensemble are a satin jacket by Chic Boutique and pants borrowed from one of Nicky Ree’s infamous “truck full of pieces” sets called Nichole.

Good luck to Terry Toland of Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious who is up next in the Challenge.

As always, we remain wedded to sachi Vixen’s delightful skins. Our current favorite is Angel.

Pose by Long Awkward Pose.


Skin – Adam n Eve – Angel Skin in Blushed

Hair – ETD – Torwen in Mahogany

Eyes – EarthStones – Moldavite

Eyelashes – PanJen – Lil Stars

Blouse – Sn@tch – Callico Peasant Top (in fat pack only)

Pants – Cubic Effect – Sarrouel Pants – Black

Shoes – Adam n Eve – Miranda in Moss

Earrings – Dahlinks – Bo Ho Sheen in Black

Necklace – Paper Couture – River Stone

Bracelets – left – DeLa – Bangle “Arta” Silver Black
right – EarthStones – Gimme Those Wood Bangles in Earth Silver


Skin: Angel Tone 3 in Glint from Adam n Eve

Eyes: ae chocolate from Adam n Eve

Jacket from the Black Satin Pantsuit at Chic Boutique

Stockings peeking out are from the Adriana Lingerie Set at Casa Del Shai

Bracelet: Diamond Tennis Bracelet from EarthStones

Earrings: Globe in silver from Persona

Pants are from the Nichole set by Nicky Ree

Shoes: Juicy Classic Pumps in Peppercorn

Hair: ETD Roslin in Cinnamon
Tie: [Kyoot] Kitschy Neck Tie – 70s Sorority

Shirt – Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in Aufren White by Gisaci

Summer Breeze Sunday, Mar 8 2009 

I was out shopping with a very good friend of mine, Mare Brown, she took me to a store called Laughing Academy. I know and you can laugh all you want; that was my first time there. I was just simply amazed at the quality of clothing. But this little dress called Winirose Petal Skirt Dress caught my eye and I knew I couldn’t leave with out it. The amazing and gorgeous detailing on the bodice made me swoon with joy. The dress does come with 3 attachements. Bless Tabitha for having been thinking forward; knowing that her customers might wish to wear a necklace with it, decided to place these attachements on the pecs. WOOO HOOO Other designers please take notice.

The hair I’m wearing is Marisela in Mahogany at: ETD which is not open yet. But hopefully mid-March. The skin is my all-time favorite from Sachi Vixen designer and co-owner of Adam n Eve . Her Angel Blushed skin has such delicate features, light on the makeup and lip. LOVERLY!!!!! My lashes are my staple in my wardobe from PanJen I never leave home without them. LOL My eyes are from EarthStones in Moldavite, such a rich Irish green 🙂 The earrings are also from EarthStones. These Wire Wrapped earrings are just about my go-to set. They come in such yummy gems as Amber, Labrodite, Watermelon Tourmaline and Lapis Lazuli. You can also buy the matching necklaces too. The cuff I’m wearing also from EarthStones is Abraxxa’s Chained Cuffs; also can be found in her main store. Coming in just about any gem imaginable. Now on the other arm, I’m sporting a new bangle bracelet from DeLa called Arta. Kura is always surprising me with her diverse designing ideas. These bangles can be worn to dress up an item or just simply ‘because’. My pantyhose is from a very small shop named Shop Toshy there you will find a small but exquisite boutique filled with luciously designed hosery. These (though you can’t see it) have a delicate butterfly applique on the lower calf of each leg. Called Butterflies *grins* Last but certainly not least is my Verve heels in plum from Maitreya I know Onyx and Beau have gotten a lot of press lately, but I just couldn’t help myself. These velvet heels are sooo cushy and comfy a woman could shop all day and dance all night in these!!!

Photos were taken at Fashionate Island
All poses by LAP

That’s all I have to say about that. Have a great day and I’ll be back soon 🙂

*:-.,_,.-:*’“’* JAYDIE *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*

We are not ourselves today Saturday, Feb 28 2009 

Even though my partner Chi and I started this blog, we got distracted with other things. So this is going to be my first post all on my own. Little nervous, but jumping in with both feet.

One of my best gal pals, Samara Barzane, and I decided to be a bit silly and trade body shapes. HEEHEE Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m tall and willowy. Where Sam is a compact package of TNT.

As I slip into Sam’s skin, I’ve tried to stay true to her character. Dressing in a quiet, but distingished way.

Starting from the top, I’m wearing ETD Maailyah in Mahogany. It is my go-to hair when I don’t feel like messing around. My skin is my all time favorite Adam n Eve Angel skin Blushed – Tone 3. This skin so subtle with the lip and eye makeup. You will truly look like an Angel when you wear it.
The eyelashes I’m wearing are from PanJen I literally live in these. The are called Little Stars. Sam made a comment once that I ought to have to have a license to wear these – lol. Perhaps they are a bit criminal, since they do do fabulous things for the eyes.
My eyes are from the fabulous jewelry designer Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones in Moldavite, if you haven’t been over there, I strongly suggest that you do. She’s a fabulous designer; I’ve been shopping there since wayyyyyyyy before she got the EathStones sim. She is very creative with her designs but she also does a lot of retro-ish looks also. My jewelry accessories are also from EarthStones. The earrings I’m wearing are Trinity Pearl earrings in Tahtian Black, a woman can never go wrong with a classic set of pearls. That’s why I’m also sporting the Princess Pearl necklace.
Now on to the clothes – lol. The white shirt with the lace is sooo sweet and classy. kaneyan Nicholls of *MNK* SHOP really knows how to keep her designs Classic and to be worn year round. The shirt comes in all layers possible. You also have the option of wearing it with or without lace. The cherry red sweater is from Frangipani Designs Since it’s still a bit chilly where I live, I thought this would help conjur warmer thoughts.
Speaking of warmer thoughts; the leather pants are just that HOT HOT HOT. I picked them up at Launa Fauna’s main store LF Fahions these leather pants aren’t so shiny that you can spot them from 5 sims away – LOL.
If you are still reading this – lol. Last but certainly not least are my yummy boots. Insolence Natasha boots are so comfy you could (and I do) walk for miles in them. The thicker heel is just what this Dr. ordered. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for putting up with this long winded post. I suppose this is also a sort of dry run for Sasy’s Fashion Relay Challenge – lol To see if I can post SLURL properly.

Til next time *waves and fades away*

*:-.,_,.-:*’“’* Jaydie *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*

If you can’t stand the heat… Sunday, Jul 13 2008 

Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve released the new Shawt set late yesterday. Sachi said that they were intended to compliment the recently released C’mere sandals, and I can see why, because when I was posing for this I really felt like I ought to be on a corner yelling “hey, sailor!”

I was privileged to see a development copy of these shorts and the extra wait was worth it. Sachi painstakingly adjusted the hem of the hotpants so that a smear which can afflict the legs as a result of some quirks of the av mesh was eliminated. Every shred of sultry sex appeal remains, however.

The outfit also comes with a skirt option, and you can use it for clubbing, touring, or at the beach. But when it’s in the closet, better put it in a fireproof box, or the rest of your inventory might go up in flames.

Top and shorts: Shawt by Adam n Eve in Cream
Hair: The Poynter by Armidi in Pomegranite
Necklace: Chunky Topaz set by Hi-Flo in Lilac Ice
Anklet: EarthStones Beaded Fringe Anklet in Malachite/Chrysocolla
Shoes: Erotica by Minx in Clear

In other AnE news, as hopefully the entire world is aware, today was the first day of the shoe expo. While exploring the Adam n Eve booth we ran across this extra jumbo Jaydie’s open toe pump. Clearly Damen will go to any length to assure that all possible customers receive a proper fit.

Taken on location at the shoe expo, Jaydie is wearing Adam n Eve’s Ocelot dress from the Boutique Collection.

Uptown, downtown Friday, Jul 11 2008 

Uptown, downtown

One had slipped away from a gathering of the well to do, disinclined to suffer through more smug, boring self-satisfaction. The other wandered in search of less malodorous air and a hint of glamour. A chance meeting under the harsh light and sharp shadows of a street corner surprisingly revealed that they were as similar in the intensity of their search for style as they were divergent in its direction.

Dresses, suits or other core outfits are the bones of our style. They provide a framework, but are only the launching point for our individual style. Starting with the same new Blaze Crushed dress, layers and accessories lead here to two extremely dissimilar final expressions of attitude.

The darker haired of the two took a long look at her newfound acquaintance, noting the satin and glossy calfskin which overshadowed her own leather and metal attempt at fashion. Shaking her head, she noted “There’s more between Second and Fifth Avenue then three blocks, I’ll tell you.”

See more photos on Flickr.

Jaydie is wearing:

Skin by: Adam n Eve – Fall Diva Collection, Tone 4 – Primrose
Hair by: ETD – Davina in Chestnut & Denier Cri – Warm (1)
Dress by: Blaze – Crushed in Red
Jacket by: Digit Darkes – Dictator Shrug in Black
Jewerly by: Persona – Circle Pendant & Earrings – Gold Cuff by Earthstones
Shoes by: Adam n Eve – Sugarr Wedges in Scarlet

Chi is wearing:

Mimikri Leather Jacket/Alexa black
Dress by Blaze – Crushed in Mauve
Shoes by Sylfie’s Prim Seduction – Gatanga in black
Hair was a freebie called “wild_short” from the NTT DoComCo sim for clicking all their cell phones
Ear hoops by Paper Couture freebie
Black Jeweled Choker by Simply Spoiled
Darkes Sisters Skins S8-Sunkissed-Chic-Koralo

Poses by Long Awkward Pose

Chi’s quote is slightly modified from the alternate lyrics to Second Hand Rose as sung by Barbra Streisand

Infinity, with pearls Wednesday, Jul 9 2008 

Abraxxa Anatine of EarthStones, a former neighbor of ours and sweet person, has just released a new line of black pearls called Tahitian Pearls. Here, Jaydie models the Princess necklace as the last glimmer of day disappears, leaving her framed by an endless sweep of sea and sky.

Davina hair in Chestnut by ETD
Pandora Fall Diva skin in Primrose by Adam n Eve